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The Terms & Conditions (Terms, Terms of Use) keep all the regulations of the website ( so that one may refer it to understand the patterns the site follows in general. It is mandatory that our readers agree with all the Terms to proceed with using this website, else they ought to refrain. Kindly read the following paragraphs to know everything in detailed format.

First of all, one needs to know that these Terms & Conditions are subject to get modified or entirely changed without prior notification. Our users are required to check on a regular basis in a few weeks, months or so in order to stay aware of the most recent terms.

We do not allow those who are below the age of 18 years to use our site. Therefore, if somebody comes under the category of minors may take supervision from their parents or guardians. We also request you to check your country's guidelines to know if you are allowed to visit our website and make purchases, since few countries restrict the import and use of products that we sell. Anything that happens beyond control as a result of fault at your end would be entirely on you, not

Our herbal products should not be taken/used as substitutes of any ongoing medical disease or disorder, but only something that could be used in parallel since these are termed as over-the-counter that do not require any medical prescription. We recommend to take a doctor's advice if you are not sure whether you should be using them or not to avoid complications.

We do not guarantee that will always be flawless with no blunders at all despite making best efforts to keep it perfect as possible; as manual errors are, although rare, yet possible at times. We expect our visitors to understand this and cooperate with maturity if they find out anything unsuitable and contact us to rectify.

The comments on our website are based on a person's real time experience, and so, may include positive or negative statements. If it is some third-party website(s) then we cannot say that those reviews are even legitimate. The consumer would be completely accountable to decide whether he or she should buy our products or not.

You agree that you will never involve in any kind of personal or commercial gain by doing activities that are against the policies of this website. This involves copying, sharing, or circulating the site's intellectual properties (included but not limited to) – trademark, logo, service marks, trade name, and so on – breaching of whom would land you to consequences.

Greenherbcare holds full right to take down your account without prior notice followed by an email. This would result in keeping you out from login, your visits and purchases totally. If you have any previous purchases your money would be immediately refunded if your order hasn't been dispatched.

For further clarifications or concerns, you may contact us through a form or following mailing address: