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Shipping Policy

Greenherbcare Shipping Policy states the rules and regulations of our products' shipment. Once we receive the order we shall start the process of despatch. The duration of delivery can be changed according to customers requirement. Kindly study every point before you make a purchase.

By default, the delivery method will be Regular shipping, it doesn't take more than 7 days for finishing a delivery. The DHL Shipping takes only 2 to 3 days and that has to be selected by a user while purchasing. The cost of shipping will be displayed and added along with the product's cost at the checkout page.

We take forward dispatch and delivery procedures on working days only. So, an order being committed on weekends or other public holidays would be carried forwarded on the next business day.

Customers have to make sure to give an impeccable address and have to be present there at the time of delivery. The customer should act responsibly to arrange a receiver at the address if the ordered person cannot be there. In case if you or the systematised individual cannot be present to receive the package then someone has to collect the item from your local post office/courier office. The post office will keep the package for some more days according to their methods, after that they may return it back it to us. If you or the receiver or the courier office doesn't have the package even after the estimated delivery date then contact us as soon as possible. we guarantee our complete assistance.

Kindly take care of the extra charges applicable to pay at the local post offices other than the import charges and taxes, a customer has to pay these to collect the package. These charges may alter from states/countries, consequently, will not take the responsibility of a non-payment issue.

Suspensions happening due to abrupt events cannot be ignored, such as Unavailability of Recipient, Administrative & Governmental dilemma in your region, Difficult weather conditions, Natural Calamities, etc. are not vouched in our privacy policy. Packages may come late OR may never be fit to deliver in some events like these, in that case, we would pay back your full money. You can understand more about returns and refunds in our Return Policy section.

Please contact us for further information.