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Return Policy

Returns, refunds and cancellation policy is the policy involving the information about how replacements happen within certain conditions at Greenherbcare.

Conventionally, the refund takes some time to reflect the bank account, that is about 15 days. We will be checking the reasons why the customer had made a claim for refund and cancellation. Once we are convinced on the reason we will do the refund process from our part as soon as possible. We will not accept any returns that are reported late. There should be at least one case similar as follows to prove your returns:

1. The parcel has not delivered even after the estimated date offered by the trader.

2. The product has not reached the address nor at the post office even after specifying the correct address.

3. A damage happened before receiving, which was seen at the time of opening the package.

4. The product received is not the product ordered in any way.

If any of the above conditions are established valid then we will initiate the refund process. Customers have to inform our customer care department to commence the process of returns and refund in haste.

Greenherbcare will not do the refund if the product was damaged from your end, OR If you miss to give us a perfect delivery address which is correct and complete.

The refunded amount will be apparent in 10 to 15 days in your account. If the refund amount is not getting credited after this period contact the credit card authorities. If the product that you need to recall have not been sent then you can cancel if you let us know within 24 hours of the order made. Cancellation of a transmitted package is not permissible. Moreover, a cancellation will not be yielded more than once.