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1. Are there any chances of side-effects or withdrawal effects while or after the use of these herbal products?

A. As many of our consumers know that our products are herbal in nature and dermatologically tested, the chances of any form of negative effects are negligible. However, in order to be more confirmed one could also consider going through the whole ingredient list to know whether a particular content is tolerant to their body. Additionally, after receiving the items, a person may also use them on a small surface area of their skin if that is for external application.

2. Are there any free samples to order first before proceeding with an actual purchase?
A. No, we don't have any provision of free samples at this moment. However, we would communicate with you if there is anything like that that comes in the future.

3. Is purchasing from your site entirely safe?

A. We make extreme efforts on ensuring that purchasing online does not harm anyone's vulnerable data. This means that your credit card information will always be in encrypted form, and never be circulated elsewhere for personal or commercial gain. Moreover, we do not keep those details permanently, but only till the transaction is being executed. You can know more about this in our Privacy Policy.

4. What shall I do if I do not receive my products at all, OR not in an expected condition?

A. We try our best to allow products reach their destination. However, unforeseen events might occur at times and there may be issues that arise like no delivery at all, OR conditions like wrong products in size or type or count. Our consumers are requested to contact us soon as possible to resolve the matter. We would either refund your money or re-send the new products, whichever sounds convenient to you. Kindly go through our Return Policy to clarify this part more.

5. Do you share tracking URL to trace my ordered products?

A. Yes, we share the tracking URL with our consumers whoever purchases, via email right after the dispatch. So, one could be rest assured of knowing the whereabouts of their order(s).

6. Are your consumers allowed to make orders and transmit to different location which is not their own?

A. Yes, it is not mandatory to receive goods at your home address. One may also have it at their workplace, or any other postal address of their friend or a relative. They just have to keep in mind to edit the address section each time of purchase as we don't have the option of delivery to multiple geographic regions.

7. Is there any physical store where I could go and buy?

A. No, at this point you only have the option to make an online purchase. If there is anything that happens in the future we will sure contact you.

8. Are cancellations allowed?

A. Yes, cancellations are welcome only on specific situations such as promptly contacting before the product dispatch or within the first 24 hours of purchase, whichever is earlier.